Olympic Lab Exercises and future plans

I’ve now posted three batches of lab exercises using the Olympic Events dataset. The labs cover a fair few requirements of the Certification but there are more Elasticsearch topics that can be covered using this dataset. This is the list of topics I still want to cover:

  • More query types
  • Query pagination
  • Nested documents

The Certification exam objectives form a good baseline level of knowledge required to work with Elasticsearch. Anyone who works with the stack on a day-to-day basis will tell you that the objectives aren’t exhaustive and there’s plenty of other features you’ll need, or want, to know about. I intend to cover APIs outside of the exam objectives to help you build a more in-depth, useful knowledge.

The Enrich API is one such topic. There is some extra data we can use to add information about the National Olympic Committee (NOC). Creating an ingest pipeline that uses the enrich processor to add this data will be a fun and useful task.

I will release my solutions once I have completed another one or two batches of exercises. I also want to build a PDF containing the questions and solutions that students can download and read offline, and improve the navigation for the labs and solutions on this site.

Many Elasticsearch APIs can’t be used effectively with this dataset. The full-text search features, for example, aren’t useful here. Another dataset will be used to leverage full-text search, custom analysers, aliases, hot-warm architecture, and other topics.

There is one dataset I’ve been building myself but I’m having to work out the licencing for redistribution. Fingers crossed I can work something out.

I am also testing a video format for delivering training on key topics in the exam objectives. I’m starting with a video giving a high level overview of the whys and whats of Elasticsearch, for people who are completely new to the stack. More on that later.

I hope you’re getting some value from these lab exercises. Please get in touch if there’s an Elasticsearch API you would like covered in a future release.

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