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My name is George Bridgeman. I have been building data driven applications for a living for almost 20 years.

I have used many different languages and technologies through my career but now work mostly with Python and Go.

The Elastic Stack is my current tool of choice for large-scale data storage and observability. I have been using it since 2016, became an Elastic Certified Engineer in 2019, and an Elastic Certified Observability Engineer in 2021. I now help customers get more from their clusters, and build training material to help more people understand The Elastic Stack.

Elasticsearch is a wonderful product for a lot of tasks but I’m very opinionated about it not being a replacement for a traditional relational database; an index isn’t a table, a document isn’t a row, and you - yes, you - should still use an RDBMS for transactional data. The fundamental difference between Elasticsearch and a relational database is how the data is modelled. Expect some unapologetically blunt writing on this topic.

You can read my blog to see what I’ve been up to lately.

All opinions are my own.

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